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Work in Progress

Green Bubbles
(with Akbari, D. A. and Lubello, F.)

Research: Su di me
Research: Su di me

Working Papers

Kinks and Gains from Credit Cycles  (new version)

(with Jensen, H., Juul, O., and Ravn, S.) 

Former version available as a CEPR Discussion Paper 13795.

Consumer Durables in T(H)ANK Economies 

(with Holst Partsch, E. and Petrella, I.) 

Consumer Durables and Monetary Transmission in a Two-sector HANK Economy

(with Holst Partsch, E. and Petrella, I.)

Asset Market Participation, Redistribution, and Asset Pricing

(with Gaudio, F. S. and Petrella, I.) 

The Sectoral Origins of the Spending Multiplier 

(with Bouakez, H. and Rachedi, O.) 

House Prices, Increasing Returns, and the Effects of Government Spending Shocks 

(with Bisgaard Larsen, R. and Hove Ravn, S.) 

Revise and resubmit, European Economic Review

Time-varying Price Flexibility and Inflation Dynamics 

(with Petrella I. and de la Porte Simonsen, L.) 

Revise and resubmit, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 

Technical Change and the Distribution of Firm Growth 

(with Distante, R. and Petrella, I.)


The Government Spending Multiplier in a Multi-Sector Model (with Bouakez, H. and Rachedi, O.) 

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2023, 15:209-239.

Leverage and Deepening Business Cycle Skewness (with Jensen, H., Petrella I. and Hove Ravn, S.)  

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2020, 12:254-81. Link to WP version

Bank Assets, Liquidity and Credit CyclesTechnical Appendix (with Lubello, F. and Petrella, I.) 

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2019, 105:265-282. Link to WP version

Changing Credit Limits, Changing Business Cycles (with Jensen, H. and Hove Ravn, S.) 

European Economic Review, 2018, 102:201-239. Link to WP version

Gibrat's Law and Quantile Regressions: an Application to Firm Growth (with Distante, R. and Petrella, I.) 

Economics Letters, 2018, 64:5-9. Link to WP version

Monetary Policy with Sectoral Trade-offsTechnical Appendix (Petrella, I. and Rossi, R.) 

Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2019, 121:55-88. Link to WP version

Consumer Attitudes and their Inflation Expectations (with Ehrmann, M. and Pfajfar, D.) 

International Journal of Central Banking, 2017, 225-259. Link to WP version 

Loss Aversion and the Asymmetric Transmission of Monetary Policy (with Gaffeo, E., Petrella, I. and Pfajfar, D.) 

Journal of Monetary Economics, 2014, 68:19-36. Link to WP version 

Credit Market Distortions, Asset Prices and Monetary Policy  (with Pfajfar, D.) 

Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2014, 18:631-650. Link to WP version

Discretion vs. Timeless Perspective under Model-consistent Stabilization Objectives;  Technical Appendix (Petrella, I. and Rossi, R.) 

Economics Letters, 2014, 122:84-88. Link to WP version

Aggregate Fluctuations and the Cross-sectional Dynamics of Firm Growth (with Holly, S. and Petrella, I.)

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, 2013, 176:459-479. Link to WP version

News on Inflation and the Epidemiology of Inflation Expectations (with Pfajfar, D.) 

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2013, 45:1045-1067. Link to WP version

On the Individual and Social Determinants of Neighborhood Satisfaction and Attachment (with Corrado, G. and Corrado, L.) Regional Studies, 2013, 47:544-562.

Inflation Dynamics and Real Marginal Costs: New Evidence from U.S. Manufacturing Industries (with Petrella, I.) 

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2012, 36:779-794. Link to WP version

Input-Output Interactions and Optimal Monetary Policy (with Petrella, I.) 

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2011, 35:1817-1830. (Lead Article). Link to WP version

Determinacy, Stock Market Dynamics and Monetary Policy Inertia (with Pfajfar, D.) 

Economics Letters, 2011, 112:7-10. Link to WP version

Heterogeneity, Learning and Information Stickiness in Inflation Expectations (with Pfajfar, D.) 

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2010, 75:426-444. Link to WP version

Borrowing Constraints and Complex Dynamics in an OLG Framework (with Agliari, A., Assenza, T., Delli Gatti, D.)

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2009, 72:656-669.

Business Failures, Macroeconomic Risk and the Effect of Recessions on Long-Run Growth: a Panel Cointegration Approach (with Gaffeo, E.) Journal of Economics and Business, 2009, 61:435-452.

Research: Su di me
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